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Five social reasons destroy us and glorify wars in our country

2021/05/31 الساعة 09:49 صباحاً


In Yemen, there are five reasons that make us fight until the Day of Judgment.  Unles

 the Yemenis recognize and find solution to them, there will be no permanent peace in our country


1- The Making of Racism out of Imagination

We are artists in racism, fabricating it according to personal and political interests, and planting it in the minds of our children, to tear apart the social fabric around us

Within one tribe there is racism, between tribes there is racism, and between political parties is the ugliest types of racism that extend from cities and villages, and the list grows and renews


I know two villages, 10 km away from each other; But the people of one village say we are from the East and the other from the West

We look for things that separate us in order to feel that we are distinct from each other, and we search for what brings us closer to other outside nations, so that we merge with them in pursuit of personal interests.

We create discrimination at home and implant it in the minds of our children through negative stories about others - regardless of whether these stories are true or false -, poems and even social jokes that may be a sign of the spread of racism towards a region, tribe, party, or any social component


Therefore, racism has become a fashion that is renewed with the requirements of political conditions for the purpose of personal benefits


We will not feel peace or security until we start by returning to our true human values. Let us evaluate ourselves as human beings, for each of us has the right to live with dignity and pride, security, justice and equality, which are universal values

Let us focus on what brings us together, because that is in our interest. No one inside Yemen can end the existence of the other, and our history is the greatest proof of that


2- Social and political dependency

As a society, there is a great degree of dependency in Yemen. One family relies on one member of the family only, for its food and drink and shelter, while the rest of the family do not have the pressure or the sense of responsibility, because someone else is taking care of it on their behalf  

When that individual becomes unable to serve his family or failed, the whole family collapses, and it is too late to avert such painful fate. From this perspective, I believe lies the concept of political dependency

Meaning, when members of society delegate their political affairs to people without awareness, or scrutiny of the reality, they surrender their livelihood and dignity to others, like politicians, without accountability. It is very dangerous. Specially, when some politicians lack the skills and ethics, and seek their own private gain    

As long as we entrust others with our dignity and the future of our generations without accountability, control and participation in the decision-making process, we will inevitably fall into unending disasters.

We must ask ourselves what our interest is, our dignity, and where is the future of our children and our generations, and we must participate in the dialogues and questioning our decision-makers, about their actions, statements, and policies.  


3- The Elites of Society

Unfortunately, we find most of the national elites and other influential people in the political arena, comparing their value competitively against each other, and they do not evaluate the state of the homeland with the other surrounding countries at the very least

They look at their influential weight, not the influence of the nation on the international stage. The alliances that are taking place on the national scene, most of them are coalitions for the sake of the self, and not for the sake of the people or the nation 

Until now, there is no sense of the dangerous situation in our country, as much as the danger of consolidating partisan interests and interest groups


The way of thinking of the elites must change, they must think about the future generations, and change their behavior accordingly. And if this thinking continues, then everyone is a loser, and the dream of a nation will be a nightmare  



4- Going back to the past

Adhering to the past, if not to learn lessons and benefit from mistakes, is a failure and a strategic mistake to build a better future

The British rule of Aden ended, the Turks rule of Sana'a ended, the rule of the Sultanates ended in the south, the rule of the Imams ended in the north, the rule of socialism ended in the south, and the rule of Al-Sallal, Al-Aryani, Al-Hamdi, Al-Ghashmi, and Al-Saleh ended

The past is gone, with its pros and cons. Therefore, we should not waste time and energy making a time machine to go to the past, it will never happen

What we have is the future, and the future demands a clear vision, needs projects that include everyone without discrimination


Let us look at the future seriously and not at the past, even if it was a paradise. Our Father Adam was brought out of Heaven to Earth, and he did not sit and wait for paradise, but worked on Earth and prayed to God


5- The Land of the Million Strugglers
Algeria is the land of a million martyrs, and we are the land of the million strugglers. The homeland is oppressed, and we are all oppressed. There is no need to overstate our words and statements: I am the oppressed and others are not. Unfortunately, we introduce ourselves in very narrative terms: the "son of the martyr" or the "great fighter" or "the resistance" or "the mujahid" and the list goes on. Of course, I am not able to confirm or deny any claim. But our country has become the land of a million strugglers. Let us say we are children of the "struggling nation," and direct our energy toward the future.